I know what I will be buying soon. I have had some LED bulbs in my place for awhile now but I am in the process now of replacing all my non-LED bulbs. One nice thing is my power company will reimburse me the cost of the bulbs at a minimum of 50% of the cost. I bought 6 new LED Floodlights last weekend at Target for… » 4/21/15 9:54am 4/21/15 9:54am

I am excited about this. I have been a fan of wrestling since I was a kid and every couple of years I order one of the big PPV's. When this was announced I was sold from the get-go. Right now WWE gets $50-$60 from me every year or two. I am up for giving them $10 a month for the entire year because that means I get to… » 1/30/14 4:53pm 1/30/14 4:53pm

I still remember my dad teaching me to drive stick in an empty parking lot and on an inclined hill while standing less than a foot behind my car. He told me to put it in gear and get up the hill without rolling back and hitting him. Then made me reverse up the hill while standing in front of my car. » 1/24/14 7:17am 1/24/14 7:17am

I was just talking to my parents about the Nest the other day. I said I would love to have one but the price is a bit much for my budget. I've had the Nest on my Amazon Wishlist for over 18 months and it has dropped a total of 99 cents in price during that time. If Google released a "Chrome-ostat" for a good price I… » 12/17/13 10:19am 12/17/13 10:19am

The Quirky cable management thing is still overpriced even on Amazon. If you live near a Target and they carry the Quirky stuff wait a month or so and it will be marked down as Clearance pretty cheap. I have 4 of them and I haven't paid more than $3 each. They rotate in and out of Targets every few months. » 11/19/13 2:44pm 11/19/13 2:44pm